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Beautifully said

wow Brandy. You summed it all up.
I agree with everything you are saying, but in the sam breathe I am very excited to embark on that experience and knowledge. I am eager to learn and to know- the good and the bad.
I was accepted to Lee College ursing program... and as many of you have expressed that becoming a nurse is a long hard road/battle. I can not picture myself doing anything else. It is silly for me to say that I am not doing it for the money... I truelly am not.
I am not even thinking about money.

I admire Both you and Adam and your compassion, skill, and great wisdom.

Maybe within a few years time after graduation the reality of it all will set in and I will join the bitter ranks of disgruntled! But until then.. I will remain blissfully ingnorant to all the negativity and stigma of nursing and enjoy my learning experiences :)

That was beautifully said..I wish yall the best in your new paths down the road of life. I will definately miss yall and wont know what to do without some of "The Liberterians" Good luck. Yall have become some great friends..

Congratulations! I am so very proud of both you and Adam. I just want to let you know Brandy, that your words are beautiful. You poured your heart and soul out on the page. These words will be an inspiration to Seth, Sarah & Emma when they are older and understand just how much they are loved by Momma & Daddy. No one will ever really understand what you guys have gone through unless they have walked in your shoes.

Love you so much!

That was beautifully said and soooo true! These nursing programs don't prepare students on what really goes on. Maybe bc they know it'll scare them! And congrats to both of u and I wish u guys luck:)

You and Adam are excellent nurses and true friends. What you say is true and honestly heart felt. Yall will go far and always know that Candy and I will have you in our prayers. Congrats again.

okay, first of all, it's 8:00 a.m. and I got on your blog to get inspired and laugh a little...HOWEVER! I am sobbing like a tit bag! thank you for that :)
Seriously, this needs to be published somewhere in the nursing handbooks because it takes a "certain" someone with compassion and determination to become who you and Adam have become in your careers. I have no doubt in my mind that you two will become the very best Nurse Practitioners (and boss!):)
I have heard horrible stories that you both have experienced and, to be honest, there's no way I could sleep at night having seen what you have seen in the er. My hats off to the both of you. You both are amazing people and very, very dear to my heart and I can't wait to see the people that God has intended you to be. I wish the both of you the very best and plan to do anything and everything you need me to do in order to help the both of you reach your final destination in your careers.
That being said, your probably reading this thru teary eyes so I feel better knowing I'm not the only moron crying at 8 in the morning!!!!
Love you both!!!

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