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We DO need the new truck! And it will be SO much better with all the accessories that I am buying for it!

Oops...Looks like Adam is on another mission! To have the best truck in the county or drive you crazy (whichever may come first)!

Now this is really eerie! When looking at your sewing room pics (in detail), I notice that we have almost identical decorating taste. In my newly re-decorated home office, I too have chartreuse (the perfect green) magazine file boxes all lined up. Also my best "Mod" Bowl. Holds my sticky notes & color coordinated clips. (In mod colored dots). I have the same jarred candle, coffee cup (with dots) and file folders (again with the bright dots & stripes in coordinating colors). I picked up large document & art boxes at "". Love their unique office stuff. Has to be that perfect green or pink, or it doesn't go in the office! So yes Brandy, it looks like you got it honest.

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